Lion upgrade woes

I just did the lion upgrade on my iMac, making sure to do a good backup before taking the plunge as I figured I’d have to downgrade right away since I did absolutely no preparation work.

Overall the upgrade went well. I had to update LogMeIn Hamachi as it caused a kernel panic upon the first reboot. Seems fine after the update. The only real problem involved Address Book. First some background information about my setup. I keep everything in Google’s universe, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, even some documents. I’ve found that it’s the most seamless way to work on multiple devices. It’s been working well for years. Until the Lion upgrade that is …

After the upgrade to my horror I was contactless. which was then synced to Google and from there to all my other computers and devices. Not good Apple. After a short freak-out, Google search came to the rescue. Google contacts (through the Gmail interface only I found out) has this great feature—restore contacts to an earlier time. Just a quick click on More actions … Restore contacts … to yesterday and I was back in business. Now back to testing.

Google instructions:

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